About Me

I am a Front End Web Developer with the University of Washington School of Law. I’m also a one-person design and web services shop doing business as Rookish Design.

Fun projects

Ch-ch-changes | Convert your text among any of six different styles, including camelCase (commonly used in JavaScript) and spinal-case (AKA kebab-case, commonly used in CSS).

Kompvtor | This fake “terminal” is really a demo of a custom caret (text cursor). It responds to some basic commands and combines a few geeky references with the geekiest of art forms: ASCII art.

STIKHOI | A method for displaying classical verse (e.g., Homer, Sappho, Horace) in HTML with proper line numbers. [Github]

Peyote Internet Theatre | This is a Jeff Buckley tribute site I made before you were born. The Internet Archive saved the Geocities page as far as back as 1999, but I’m sure it existed in some form before Jeff died. I remember reaching out to a friend and photographer of Jeff’s for permission to use some of the images I was already using (like every other tribute site), and the correspondence moved me to pull it all down out of respect. I wrote the In Memoriam and posted the the scans from the St. Ann’s memorial program within days of the service so that content dates to August, 1997.

Twitter Bots

These were written in Node.js and served up on Heroku.
@DistichaCatonis | The Distichs of Cato; Latin couplets on moral advice, tweeted randomly.

@LotsByVergil | The Sortes Vergilianae, powered by the Aeneid API. Ask Vergil for your fortune (and then ask a Latinist what it means). [Github]


Medium | Mostly articles about web development and coding culture.

The CAMPVS | A blog about Greek, Latin, & Classical Humanities.